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Plug-ins for VAKCER Project Tracker 2.6

Here is the list of available plug-ins for VAKCER Project Tracker v2.5 and later. See the installation instructions for more info on installing and using plug-ins.

Date Plug-in Title Author Size Type
21/04/2003 Sort Documents VAKCER 20K COM

This plug-in allows you to move documents between projects easily by showing the full list of all documents tracked. Just drag and drop document records between projects to sort them out!

11/11/2001 Document Rules VAKCER 38K DLL

This plug-in allows to move document records between different projects automatically.

08/14/2001 Project Commands VAKCER 23K DLL

Adds 3 new commands to Project menu: Save, Save All, and Delete.

06/18/2001 Network Support VAKCER 29K DLL

With the help of the Network Support plug-ins you can manage projects for a whole workgroup and create company-wide reports.

02/18/2001 Filter Documents VAKCER 11K COM

This plug-in deletes document records containing recorded time or cost less than a specified limit. It can also add the cost of deleted documents to a custom expense record.

01/04/2001 Project List Plugin VAKCER 23K DLL

A plug-in that helps you activate open projects with a single mouse click from the system tray.

11/20/2000 Excel Connect Plug-in VAKCER 17K COM

A sample plug-in that demonstrates data transfer between VPT and Microsoft Excel. The plug-in module contains two plug-ins: Excel Table and Excel Chart.

11/20/2000 Outlook Agent VAKCER 28K COM

A sample plug-in that allows creation of Outlook 2000 Journal records from VPT's custom activities and Tasks from VPT's projects. It also adds a tool button to Client Manager dialog allowing client information to be shared with Outlook contacts.

11/20/2000 Export to MS Project VAKCER 15K COM

This sample plug-in allows the user to transfer VPT's custom activity records to MS Project 98's task list.

* These plug-ins are provided on "as-is" basis and should be used at your own risk. VAKCER has no liability for damage or loss of data resulting directly or indirectly from using these plug-ins.


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